Tbilisi, Georgia – October 11th, 2021

- With great joy and excitement we announce our first public article about the launch of CWORKS business on the market.

The CWORKS brand is based on the idea of providing the owner of a car of any brand with equvivalent to orginal spare parts and other premium aftermarket products, the quality of which is certified by Toyota Tsusho Corporation.

Toyota Tsusho Corporation is one of the largest companies in the global industry. Thanks to many years of work in the field of supply of auto components and parts to car assembly plants, the corporation has all the necessary resources and unique conditions to provide high quality spare parts for the aftermarket.

Toyota Tsusho Corporation owns about 779 companies worldwide, and another 231 companies are affiliated. The corporation's offices are located in more than 150 cities in 90 countries with it's headquarters in Tokyo and Nagoya employ 3,404 people, with an additional 64,402 employed at subsidiaries.

One of the key indicators confirming the quality of CWORKS products is compliance with the international standard IATF 16949: 2016 in all factories certified for the production of CWORKS.

CWORK's "3Cs" are the important pillars ensuring brand reliability: Certified Parts, Clever Choice and Customer First.

CWORKS covers a wide varieties of vehicle models and comprehensive lineup of products required for automotive customer service. It offers rapid logistics system with a Customer First approach.

The main products are:

  • Maintanance Parts: Over 20 000 items, aftermarket car parts are produced by the same manufacturers as the OEM with same quality standards. 100% coverage of 60 most popular models. CWORKS parts are equivalent to the ORIGINAL(OEM).
  • Lubricants: Engine & Transmission oils are produced at high technology standard factories in Bulgaria and also premium oils SUPERIA in Japan. Their laboratories are duly certified with international standards ENISO/IEC17025:2006. Quality certificates are worldwide acknowledged.
  • PPS (Paint Protection Spray): It is designed as a crystal clear, durable and safe method of protecting vehicle paintwork from scratches, nicks, chips and debris. CWORKS PPS is developed in cooperation with Ngenco (UK).

Automenu LLC is authorized CWORKS representative in Georgia and Azerbaijan market. We are responsible for CWORKS brand, sales, network development and logistics. Our Aim is to be #1 company on market in premium aftermarket parts, lubricants and paint protection.

Our experience in automotive business is more than 20 years« and is oriented to ensure customers with a swift supply and pleasant ownership experience. Accuracy + Caring = Trust is one of the key elements of company's customer centric approach. Our goal is to have a stronger lifetime relationship with our customers.


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Exclusive importer/distributor in Georgia and Azerbaijan:
Automenu LLC
Tbilisi, G.Leonidze st#2
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Guram Dgebuadze
Telephone: +(995) 599 506 165
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